Last week, someone asked me to describe ATTA in one word.

It didn’t take me long to respond because the first word that came to mind said it all – and that word was community. While there's so much more to ATTA, at our core, we’re a diverse community of Everyday Warriors who motivate, inspire, and support one another's progress and growth.

I’m Mike Sarraille, the founder of ATTA, and I welcome you to our tribe.  

The ATTA Way

While traveling a couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to speak with people from across the country. Time and again, they told me that daily responsibilities make it difficult to focus on personal growth. While they each knew the importance of staying healthy, they didn’t have the support to make it happen. Sadly, many had been persuaded to buy products that promised shortcuts to health and wellness – only to be disappointed.

After returning home, I combined the teachings of mentors, what I’d learned as an entrepreneur, and my experiences in the military to develop the ATTA Way, an approach to living that gives people the tools to achieve their goals and the inspiration to pursue progress, regardless of where they start.

I also took inspiration from an ancient Greek philosophy that connects our physical, mental, and spiritual selves. It's the reason ATTA is rooted in a life-long search for balance and guided by the three pillars of physical, mental, and spiritual fitness.

Another tenet of ATTA is the Everyday Warrior Mindset, a practical mentality that promotes acting with intention. Instead of trying to reach our goals quickly, at an unsustainable pace, we focus on earning small victories. Over time, these seemingly small accomplishments add up to remarkable achievements.

Supporting Your Journey

Now that you know a little more about ATTA, I hope you'll consider joining our team and starting your journey. There are some exciting things on the horizon. Soon, I'll introduce our community to the extraordinary men and women who’ll inspire, guide, and motivate them. With each of these respected leaders possessing expertise that aligns with one of our three pillars, you’re sure to have a great experience regardless of your chosen path.

Your Goals, Your Journey, Your ATTA.

I may have founded ATTA, but it’s far from being just mine; it also belongs to each of you. So, no matter what anyone says, remember that this is your journey and your life – nobody else’s. While this mindset will help you reach your goals, being a part of our tribe means you’ll never have to reach them alone.

In the section below, you'll find the most important part of any journey, which also happens to be the most difficult: the first step. Please read the ATTA pledge and think about what you'd like to accomplish.

The ATTA Pledge

I pledge to put progress before perfection and always pursue potential. I commit to personal growth and acknowledge that lasting change requires time and consistency, not hacks and shortcuts. I accept that failure is a part of the process and know that we often learn more from our struggles than we do from our success. When I do struggle, I pledge to get back up, regroup, and continue moving forward. I will do my best to inspire others through my dedication, compassion, and vulnerability – because I am an Everyday Warrior.


Mike Sarraille

Mike is the founder of ATTA.