Spiritual fitness doesn't necessarily mean religion, but it can. At ATTA, spirituality comes in many forms, including volunteerism, community participation, connecting with nature, and countless others. Regardless, it inspires a shared sense of purpose, growth, and positivity that connects Everyday Warriors with something greater than self.

Unlike the brain or bicep, flexing the spiritual muscle isn't as visible – but that doesn't make it any less critical. A balanced life isn't just about developing a healthy body and mind; it's also about spiritual growth, self-reflection, and acceptance.

Setting and achieving goals in this pillar will bring you joy, satisfaction, and connection. An example of this is Adaline, an Everyday Warrior who wants to connect with nature through mindfulness. Each day at lunch, she walks along a wooded trail near work, focusing on the bright green leaves, birds calling to one another, and the scent of flowers that line the path. For one hour every day, she feels peaceful and refreshed. After a few months, Adaline realizes that she feels calm most of the time. Those around her have also noticed the positive change.

Spiritual fitness encourages self-reflection and fosters emotional growth. While this pillar takes dedication and a willingness to dig deep… what you’ll gain is well worth it. We invite you to join our tribe of Everyday Warriors and look forward to taking this journey together.


Mike Sarraille

Mike is the founder of ATTA.