The ATTA Way teaches you to approach life with a positive mindset that helps navigate and manage daily stress. Part of this is shifting your perspective to see mental health for what it is, another form of fitness. The road to mental fitness is a never-ending journey that inspires wellbeing, builds a healthy mindset, and promotes emotional balance.

An example of mental fitness is setting aside time each day to reflect and meditate while focusing on your breathing. After practicing this for a couple of weeks, you'll begin cultivating a positive outlook on life, regardless of your challenges.

Like physical fitness, mental fitness requires time, dedication, and hard work. It's also essential to know when to ask for help; take comfort in knowing that you have an entire tribe to lean on when you need the extra support.

Sadly, few phrases in our society have such a harmful stigma attached to them as mental health. At ATTA, we foster an accepting and inclusive community where everyone shows respect and kindness. Developing such a supportive, encouraging atmosphere is critical because under this pillar Everyday Warriors open themselves up, share stories of positivity, and show vulnerability.

In this supportive environment, you'll experience the power of positive thinking and learn to incorporate it into your daily life. The journey of our Everyday Warrior means embracing the journey and becoming your best self; we invite you to join our tribe and start your journey.


Mike Sarraille

Mike is the founder of ATTA.